How It Works

How does it work? Direct Sitters provide a CRB checked house sitter to wait on the tradesmen, engineer or Delivery you are expecting. E.g. You have a engineer coming to fix your boiler. Instead of you booking time off work, We Stay So You Don't Have To.

Book a time slot which suits you, and our sitter will arrive before you go to work or pick-up you keys (e.g. from work on Afternoon bookings) and house sit until the engineer or delivery arrives. If you have any questions, contact us on 0207 501 0037 or @DirectSitters

Booking is simple and easy-to-use. Follow the steps below...

1.      Your Contact Details

Complete the form with your Name, Address, and contact details.

2.       Select your timeslot

Select a timeslot which you prefer E.g. Morning (8am – 12pm) and give us a little bit of info about who or what you are expecting.

3.       Payment

Enter your payment details via our secure payment provider. This section must be completed, otherwise your booking will not be valid.

4.       Confirmation

Once you have completed your payment, you shall receive your confirmation of your booking and who your sitter shall be within minutes.