Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Sitters?

Direct Sitters is the UK's Leading and Award-winning house sitting company that provide CRB checked, fully insured, vetted and trustworthy house sitters on a short-term basis.

What does Direct Sitters do?

Direct Sitters provides house sitters that will wait on tradesman, repairmen, home deliveries, or Sky, BT and other engineers booked to attend your home. We will make sure that the job is done correctly, saving you taking time off work.

Why use Direct Sitters?

Direct Sitters saves you time, money, and the inconvenience of taking a day out of your annual leave, losing out on a days’ pay/work, or rescheduling your diary to wait on waiting on Sky, British Gas, or home deliveries who give inconvenient time slots or windows of arrival.

What is a CRB check?

A Criminal Record or bureau (CRB) or enhance disclosure, is a printed record containing information from the police national database, local police intelligence, and a check of government list of people banned from working with children. Direct Sitters uses this information to help decide if a person is suitable to be a house sitter.

Does the sitter need my keys?

Sitters will only need your keys to enter your property on an Afternoon booking. Once the sitter has finished, they shall secure the property and leave. If needed, they shall return your keys at a convenient place. E.g. Workplace or local tube station.

What will the sitter do while they are in my house?

The sitter will house sit and wait for the Engineer, plumber or Delivery to arrive. Our sitters shall let the repairmen, engineer or delivery in to do the work/maintenance which is needed. Once the work has been completed our sitter shall secure your premises, making sure the job is done correctly.

What happens if I think a sitter is unsuitable?

Direct Sitters goes through a very intensive selection process of recruiting our sitters. All our sitters come from trustworthy work backgrounds such as Childcare, and have very good people skills, Trust, and personal references from previous employers. Therefore, this situation is very unlikely.

What happens if I book extra hours but don't need them?

In the event that you book an all-day booking plus extra hours and your engineer or delivery arrives before. Then any unused hours will be refunded.

Who are our sitters/employees?

Direct Sitters employs CRB check sitters from a childcare, teaching and background, who we interview, vet and check their references.

What about Insurance?

Direct Sitters is fully Insured by Finsbury Insurance Group, to the value of £2m public Liability, £10m employers Liability, and £5m Professional Indemnity

Is the online Payment process safe and secure?

Direct Sitters online payment process is fully secure and safe. Direct Sitters is a verified PayPal Pro customer. We DO NOT hold any financial data or payment information and our website is also verified with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate install. This ensure a higher level of security when booking Direct Sitters and all online data is secure and encrypted.

Do you store my credit card information?

Direct Sitters does not store or handle any credit card information.

How much notice do I have to give, to book a sitter?

All bookings must be done no later than 24hrs prior to the day of booking. Once your booking is received, and a sitter assigned to your address, a confirmation a confirmation email will be sent.

What about my Valuables?

Sitters are not permitted to use any of your personal belongings. Sitters are only permitted to use to use basic necessities, unless owner gives them permission. Valuables are insured if damage is recorded to be the liability of Direct Sitters.

What happens if there is a problem?

If such an event was to occur, Direct Sitters shall contact you as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy?

You are required to give us notice on your cancellation by 12pm the day before your booking. Any payments made will be refunded within 14days. However, If you cancel after this time or on the same day of your booking, you will still be charged.

I would like to make a complaint?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and keeping customers happy. Please contact us ASAP. Email us with 'Complaint' as the Subject, and we will handle it immediately.